3DNano is the registered brand/trademark for Etang Kenya Ltd, a company specializing in marketing of cutting edge technologies. We offer the latest, high quality and user friendly products at competitive prices for our customers.


1. 3DNano is dedicated to marketing 3D printers that simplify design process, quick prototyping and quick manufacturing. 3D printing technology revolutionizes the work flow that designers, engineers, architects, medics among other professionals undertake in creating physical models or products


2. 3DNano is dedicated to marketing Nano technology derived materials and products in the manufacturing, health, energy sectors among others .



Being at the fore front of providing the latest, highest quality and user friendly 3D printing and Nano Technologies.



  1. 3D Printing also called additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital model/design.

  2. 3D is achieved using additive processes where an object is created by laying down successive layer of material i.e plastic(ABS).

  3. 3D printing is usually performed by a material printer (Click here to view UP! 3D Printer Video) using digital technology.

  4. The technology is used in rapid prototyping or manufacture of jewelary, industrial designs, architecture, engineering, construction, automotive parts, aerospace, dental, medical, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, research and many other fields.



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